Edd Biddulph


Quake 2 Realtime GPU Pathtracing A custom-made realtime pathtracer integrated into Quake 2, taking advantage of special characteristics which the geometry, lightsources, and dynamic objects of Quake 2 have.
Beam (CPU-Based Pathtracer) An offline renderer based on the pathtracing algorithm and featuring a number of camera and lighting effects, and the ability to load meshes and textures. It also has a simple plaintext custom scene file format for nesting transformations, instancing meshes, and generating meshes too.

It also a shader system. The shaders and scene descriptions can be written in the Lua programming language.
Platyplus (CPU-Based Rasteriser) A multithreaded SIMD realtime triangle mesh renderer with extra features such a Lua scripting and stencilled shadow volume rendering.
Virtual Texturing An implementation of virtual texturing AKA Megatexture, using assets from Quake 2 (shareware) as a base.
BoxTool A tool for creating pixel shaders using a visual programming language. The shaders consist of connected boxes, and each box represents a fragment of shader code. The boxes are highly configurable.
BASIC with GL A BASIC interpreter with a built-in OpenGL binding. I've used it to make an Asteroids clone.